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40 Years of Hairstyles in the NBA

By Martinis Jackson , 05/09/15, 10:15PM EDT


There is no doubt that hip hop culture and basketball culture overlap significantly. At times, it is difficult to determine which is greater- rappers admiration for ball players or vice versa- perhaps it’s more a mutual respect for each other's abilities. Whether it’s Jay-Z rocking a Nets jersey at a concert or its Russell Westbrook walking to the locker room in Lil Wayne-esque skinny jeans, it’s easy to see that entertainers in both fields closely identify with the other’s swagger. But the style sharing doesn’t stop with the latest clothes and shoes- it includes hairstyles as well. From D Brown’s infamous aerodynamic fade to Jordan’s bald head, each era has its own signature hairstyle that has shaped not only basketball and hip hop trends but American culture as a whole. Let’s take a look at the hairstyles that created trends throughout the NBA, Hip Hop and pop culture in the past four decades.

x Martinis Jackson

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