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Gaining College Eligibility

By Deondre Smalls, 07/28/15, 7:15PM EDT


It is every high school basketball player’s dream to make it to the next level. The process in becoming a DI or DII level college basketball player is far from complicated but it does require prior knowledge and adequate preparation. Through the NCAA Eligibility Center (formally known as the NCAA Clearinghouse) the eligibility of student athletes at the DI and DII levels are determined. The necessary steps to be followed by high school athletes can be placed in a non-formidable ‘checklist’:


  1. Become knowledgeable on the NCAA Eligibility Center’s standard that all NCAA student athletes must register with the Eligibility Center before they can receive any scholarships or play college basketball for any NCAA school.
  2. Understand that as a prospective college player one must meet the minimum GPA in core courses, which is a 2.3. Furthermore, the Eligibility Center requires that 10 out of 16 core courses be completed before a player’s senior year of high school. None of the 10 core courses will be able to be retaken before a player’s senior year for a higher score.
  3. A player must take the SAT or ACT and score a minimum of 400 on the SAT (Math and Reading) or 37 on the ACT (sum score).
    1. If you score 400 on the SAT or 37 on the ACT your GPA must be a 3.55


It is important to understand that the NCAA does not help players become eligible. As a player begins to work on his or her checklist, it is very important that the prospect talks to a high school councilor or coach for assistance and aid as the checklist is completed.

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